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1. What is OTC?

OTC stands for ‘’Over The Counter’’. These services are provided at Ufone Service Center, Ufone Franchise, UPaisa retailers and Ubank branches.

2. What is the maximum amount which can be transferred against one CNIC in a month?

The monthly limit for a CNIC is PKR 25,000.

3. What type of Transactions can an agent perform for the customers?

The following transactions can be performed by visiting any UPaisa retailer, Ufone franchise, Ufone service center and Ubank branch.

  • CNIC to CNIC (Customers will send and receive funds from two different agent locations)
  • CNIC to Mobile Wallet (Customer will send funds to a UPaisa Wallet from an agent location)
  • Mobile Wallet to CNIC (Customer will receive funds send through a UPaisa Wallet from an agent location)
  • Bank transfers through CNIC (Customer will send funds to any bank account from an agent location)
  • ULoad (Ufone Customers only)
  • Postpay Bill Payment (Ufone Customers only)
  • Cash Deposit in Upaisa mobile account
  • Cash Deposit in UPaisa Wallet
  • Cash Withdrawal from UPaisa Wallet
  • Donations
  • Loan Repayments
  • 4. Are there any transaction limits for Agents?

    Customers can deposit money in their UPaisa Wallet from the designated agent locations (Ufone service centers, franchises, UPaisa retailers and Ubank branches). Customers can also add money to their UPaisa wallets through any other local bank’s internet banking service.

    5. What is Cash Deposit?

    Customers can deposit money in their UPaisa Mobile Account from the designated agent locations (Ufone Service Centers, Franchises, Upaisa retailers and Ubank branches). Customers can also add money to their UPaisa accounts through any other Pakistani bank’s internet banking service.

    6. What is Cash Withdrawal?

    Customers can withdraw cash from their UPaisa Wallet through any Ufone service center, Ufone franchise, UPaisa retailer and Ubank branch. Customers can also request UPaisa debit card and withdraw cash through any 1Link or Mnet powered ATM.

    7. Can a customer give any other proof of identity in case CNIC (receiver / depositor) is lost?

    No, an original CNIC is a mandatory to initiate or complete an over the counter (OTC) transaction.

    8. What information is required during verification?

    During verification process, you will be asked about your personal information already provided to NADRA including your CNIC number, mother’s name, place of birth and expiry date of CNIC.

    9. To how many bank accounts can you send the funds?

    Funds may be sent to, or received from the following banks:

    Advans MicroFinance
    Al Baraka
    Apna Bank
    Askari Bank
    Bank Al habib
    Bank Alfalah
    Bank Islami
    Bank of Punjab

    Habib Metro
    JS Bank
    Khushhali Bank
    MCB Islamic Bank
    Meezan Bank
    Mobilink Bank

    Samba Bank
    Silk Bank
    Sindh Bank
    Soneri Bank
    Summit Bank

    10. How long would a UPaisa Wallet remain active if customer does not conduct any transaction?

    Like other bank accounts, UPaisa Wallet will become dormant if no transaction is conducted for a year. In order to reactivate your wallet, please dial 7777 or 051 111-282-265

    11. Will the customer be able to modify/change their UPaisa Mobile Pin via *786#?

    Yes, customer can change their MPIN any time from their UPaisa Wallet. The process is as follows:

    Dial *786*6*3# or

    Dial *786#

    Go to My UPaisa Wallet ‘’Reply with 6’’

    Go to Change M-PIN ‘’Reply with 3’’

    Enter Current M-PIN

    Enter new 4-digit M-PIN

    Enter 4-digit M-PIN again to confirm

    You will receive a confirmation SMS shortly.

    12. Can a customer have 2 different accounts (on 2 different MSISDN) on a single CNIC?

    No, customers can only have one UPaisa Wallet against a single CNIC.

    13. How can a customer (wallet holder) send or receive money?

    Customers can transfer funds from their wallet by dialing *786*1#

    14. How can a customer (non wallet holder) send or receive money?

    For Money Transfer, customers can visit any UPaisa retailer, Ufone Service Centre, Ufone Franchise or Ubank branch with their valid CNIC to perform financial transactions.

    15.What kind of transactions can be done on UPaisa Wallet?

    Following is the list of transactions that may be conducted through a Upaisa mobile account.

    1. Send money:

    1) To UPaisa Wallet

    2) To CNIC

    3) IBFT- Other bank

    2. Receive Money:

    1) From CNIC

    2) From UPaisa Wallet

    3. Bill Payment:

    1) Utility bill payment

    2) Partial bill payment

    3) EVC airtime purchase (only OTC by Agents)

    4. Load and Super Card Family:

    1) Uload (prepaid)

    2) Postpay bill pay

    3) Other networks load (Prepaid and Postpaid)

    4) Super Card Family

    5. Donation/Collection:

    1) Akhuwat Donation

    2) Akhuwat Zakat

    3) Jabir Bin Hayyan Trust

    4) Shaukat Khanam Memorial Trust

    5) Shida Foundation

    6) Shifa Eye Trust

    7) The SCP and PM of PAK diamer Bhasha and Mohmand Dams Fund

    8) Vision Forty-Seven Foundation

    6. My UPaisa Wallet:

    1) UPaisa Wallet Balance Inquiry

    2) UPaisa Mini Statement

    3) Change M-PIN

    4) Generate OTP

    5) ATM Pin Management

    6) My UPaisa Account No.

    7. Loan Repayments:

    1) SRSO

    2) CSD HP

    16. Does a customer need to have a mobile phone to avail this service?

    Yes, it is necessary for customers to provide their own mobile number. They will receive SMS notifications which will contain the transaction ID (TID) which will be used for receiving the transaction, along with confirmation of successful transactions.

    17. How long the receiver has to wait after the sender sends the money?

    After completing a transaction, customer will receive a confrimation SMS. It takes few seconds before receiver is able to receive funds from anywhere across Pakistan!

    18. Which utility bills can be paid through UPaisa Wallet?

    Following is the list of companies to which payments may be made:

    1) Electricity:

    i) IESCO

    ii) KESC

    iii) GEPCO

    iv) FESCO

    v) MEPCO

    vi) LESCO

    vii) HESCO

    viii) SEPCO

    ix) PESCO

    x) QESCO

    2) Gas

    i) SNGPL

    ii) SSGC

    3) Telephone

    i) PTCL

    ii) PTCL EVO

    iii) Postpaid

    3) Water

    i) ABWASA

    ii) CDGK

    iii) FWASA

    iv) GWASA

    v) KWSB

    vi) LWASA

    vii) RWASA

    viii) WASAM

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