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UPaisa International Remittance

UPaisa is the answer to your financial freedom.

Introducing “International Remittance Service” a secure & hassle-free money transfer service to send & receive funds directly into your UPaisa account instantly.

Here’s why everyone loves UPaisa:

Instant Transfer

With UPaisa, get the funds delivered to your account in real-time.

Quick and effortless

UPaisa lets you receive international remittance into your account in no time. Withdraw cash or use balance for various services like money transfers, bill payments, and more!.

Transaction limits

For L1 HRA Transaction Limit for Home Remittance is as follows:

  • Inward per day limit: No Limit (subject to maximum balance limit)
  • Maximum balance limit: PKR.1,500,000/­Credit in HRA can only be made through Home Remittances.
  • Total Cash withdrawal per Month: Rs. 500,000/-
  • For domestic transactions L1 limits apply.

Easy cash withdrawal

With UPaisa agents nationwide, cash-out is easy with ATM cards available 24/7, saving you from long queues.

Want to open a UPaisa Mobile Account and receive International Remittances?

Go digital with UPaisa! Send & receive money, recharge, pay bills, and shop online – all in one account. Go digital with UPaisa! Send money, recharge, pay bills, and shop online – all in one account.

Enhance your UPaisa's international transaction receiving limits! The L1-HRA upgrade, accessible through "My Profile" in the app, allows you to receive larger international remittances. Follow the on-screen instructions to unlock enhanced limits.

Second slide

Level up your UPaisa! Upgrade to L1-HRA today and take your international transactions to the next level. It's easy, just access "My Profile" in the app.

  • Only customers can open these accounts on a singular basis.
  • One CNIC holder can open only one L1-HRA in U Microfinance Bank Limited.
  • This account is meant for beneficiaries of home remittances i.e., Individuals having Pakistani nationality only.
  • The customer can open a new L1 HRA account.
  • Customers can also use the UPaisa app or visit any U Bank, Ufone, or PTCL location that has BVS enabled to upgrade their L0, L1, or HRA accounts to L1-HRA accounts.
  • No minimum balance requirement or initial deposit needed for the L1-HRA account.
  • If there are multiple originators or senders, the customer/beneficiary must provide information about every originator or sender.
  • It is not allowed to send money abroad (Outward Remittance) using the L1-HRA account.
  • In case no foreign remittance is received, the amount of withdrawal will not increase from customer existing limits for L1.
  • Customer/Beneficiary can receive the remittance in L1-HRA up to the maximum credit balance allowed, i.e., PKR 1,500,000/-.
  • Total cash withdrawal limit for a month is PKR. 500,000/-.
  • No debit transaction shall be allowed before the completion of the registration process for L1-HRA.
  • No service charges are applicable at the time of opening and closing of an account.
  • In case of any query/questions, the L1-HRA account holder can reach out to UBank's dedicated 24/7 helpline i.e., 7777 & 051-111-282-265 for assistance.
  • The Account Holder is bound by all Terms and Conditions stated herein and agrees to observe the above, and to accept any changes, supplements, or modifications thereto, that may be made by the Bank, from time to time.
  • The Account Holder acknowledges to have read and thoroughly comprehends the contents mentioned herein and confirms that the same are completely understood and acceptable to the Account Holder and the Account Holder hereby undertakes to comply with, and act in accordance with all the requirements of the Bank, from time to time, and any directions given to by the Bank in relation therewith.

Who can open UPaisa Account?

All Pakistani individuals having a valid CNIC with a registered mobile number can open UPaisa account. For details visit

How can I receive international remittances through UPaisa?

To receive international remittances directly into your UPaisa Account, you can provide your UPaisa account details to the sender. They can then initiate the transfer from their end using the appropriate remittance service.

What conversion rates will be applied on remittance?

The conversion rates will be applied at the time of sending the remittance by the sending bank.

Are there any charges or fees associated with receiving international remittances through UPaisa?

There are no charges for receiving international remittances. For details, refer to UPaisa.

How long does it take to receive international remittances through UPaisa?

Funds are posted instantly once regulatory and AML checks are successful against the transaction.

Can I receive international remittances in any currency through UPaisa?

Funds shall only be received into PKR.

What documents or information do I need to provide to receive international remittances through UPaisa?

What documents or information do I need to provide to receive international remittances through UPaisa? To receive international remittances in UPaisa account, you typically need to provide.
• Bank Name i.e., U microfinance Bank Limited
• UPaisa account or IBAN number
• Title of account.

Are there any limits on the amount of international remittances I can receive through UPaisa?

UPaisa account limits will be applicable. For details visit:

What are the different levels of UPaisa account?

For details visit:

What are the account limits for each level?

For details visit:

How do I track the status of my international remittance transaction?

It's advisable to check with the sender.

What should I do if there is an issue or delay in receiving my international remittance through UPaisa?

It's advisable to check with the sender.

In what cases funds shall be sent back to sending bank?

In case of any dispute in the account status or limits the transactions would be rejected and returned

What is L1 - HRA?

L1-HRA stands for Level 1 Home Remittance Account. It is a sub-account that is opened within the main UPaisa account for customers to receive home remittance funds. This account allows customers to seamlessly manage their home remittance transactions through their main UPaisa account. Once upgraded, to perform any transaction, customers only need to provide their main account number.

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