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Cash Back on UPaisa Wallet Activation

Now receive Cash Back on activating your new UPaisa Wallet!

Reward Rs. 200 Cashback + 12 GB Internet

Use your UPaisa Wallet and get cashback!

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Download the UPaisa Application now!

  • Offer is only valid for customers who open their wallet through UPaisa Mobile Application or USSD.
  • Offer is available to customers who first conduct a Cash In or Incoming Bank Transfer transaction of minimum Rs. 100
  • Reward will be posted by following the steps below:
    • Step 1: UPaisa App/USSD Account Opening + Cash In (Cash IN/IBFT IN) of minimum Rs. 100
    • Step 2: Financial (outgoing) transaction* of minimum Rs. 150
      Month of Activity Cash Reward Resources Reward
      Account opening and Rs. 100 cash deposit 1,000 MB
      Account opening and activity month (M0) Rs. 50 1,000 MB
      First month after account opening and first activity (M1) Rs. 60 4 GB
      Second month after account opening and first activity (M2) Rs. 90 6 GB

      Total cash reward: Rs. 200 Total resources reward: 12 GB *Eligible transactions: Bill payment, funds transfer, load purchase, Ufone bundle purchase, cash withdrawal, donation, debit card purchase.
      Exclusions: Wallet to Wallet (P2P) transactions, Wallet-IBFT transactions
      Resources reward will only be posted to Ufone prepaid customers.

  • Reward will not be posted on outgoing transactions of Wallet to Bank transfer (Outgoing Bank Transfer) or Wallet to Wallet transfer.
  • Reward will be posted on next working day.
  • Reward will be posted one time.
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