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Invite a Friend – UPaisa App

Refer the UPaisa Mobile Application to your friends and family and earn!

Reward Rs. 50

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Download the UPaisa App now!

  • All UPaisa app customers can get Rs. 50 cashback (per invite) on inviting their friends and family to UPaisa app.
  • What does the customer need to do?
    • 1. Customer will login the UPaisa app
    • 2. The customer (inviting party) will send an invite from the app’s “Invite” feature
    • 3. A SMS or social media (Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger etc) message containing the app download URL will be send to the invitee
    • 4. Upon receiving the invite, the invited customer (invitee) will download and install the UPaisa app from the shared URL
    • 5. Add funds into their wallet and perform a prepaid load of any telecom transaction of Rs. 150 (minimum)(only prepaid load all telco transaction)
    • 6. The invitee will have to perform all of the above mentioned steps for the inviting party to get Cashback of Rs.50
  • Upon completion of all the steps, reward will be posted within the same day. Reward will be in the form of Cashback and can be viewed from the app “Invite” tab.
  • Maximum Cashback amount that can be earned during a month is Rs. 2,000/ per inviting party. Also, the invitee can perform the load transaction anytime.
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